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You can use credit card.

*Please ask a counter of the hotel if you need a taxi.
*When using a credit card, please ask beforehand.

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • MUFG
  • DC
  • UFJ
  • 楽天カード
  • AEON
  • Tカード プラス
  • ヤマダLABI ANAカード
  • H.I.S. Skywalker Card
  • LIFE
  • アークスRARA
  • フレスタ スマイル クレジットカード
  • ゆめカード
  • UCS
  • 藤崎クレジットFカード
  • au WALLETカード
  • エムアイカード

Tourism Courses

Kumamoto City suburbs course

Kumamoto City attractions course – 1 (2h)

Kumamoto City – Kumamoto Castle, Suizenji Park – Kumamoto Station
Fare: 8,000yen

Kumamoto City attractions course – 2 (3h)

Kumamoto City – Kumamoto Castle, Suizenji Park, Honmyoji(Temple),Taishyouji(Temple/Gracia Mrs. tomb)
– Musashizuka park – Kumamoto Station
Fare: 12,000yen

Mount Kinpo MusashiMiyamoto course (2h)

Kumamoto City – Honmyoji(Temple),Pass Chaya, Iwato Kannon,Gohyakurakan – Shimada Museum of Art – Kumamoto Station
Fare: 8,000yen

Tabaruzaka course (Historic tour of the Seinannoeki) (3h)

Kumamoto City – Kumamoto Castle – Tabaruzaka (museum) – Kumamoto Station
Fare: 12,000yen

Literature course (3h)

Kumamoto City – Soseki Natsume Memorial, Tokutomi Memorial, Yakumo Koizumi former residence
– Shonan Yokoi Memorial – Kumamoto Station
Fare: 12,000yen


Aso Kurokawa course

Aso climbing course (4h)

Kumamoto City – Kusasenri – Aso volcano – Kumamoto city

Aso enjoy course (5h)

Kumamoto City – Milk Road – Daikanbo – Aso shrine – Kusasenri
– Aso volcano – Shirakawa water sources – Kumamoto city

Aso enjoy Happy course (6h)

Monkey turning theater – Aso farm land – Aso volcano
– Cuddly Dominion – Kumamoto city

Aso-Takachiho course (6h)

Kumamoto City – Aso volcano – Shirakawa water sources – Takachiho Gorge – Kunimitouge
– Iwato Shrine – Takachiho

Aso, Yufuin course (5h)

Kumamoto City – Aso volcano – Senomoto – Yufuin hot spring


Amakusa West Coast course

Five Bridges of Amakusa course (4h)

Kumamoto City -Misumi West Port-Amakusa Memorial Hall – Rosario Museum
– martyrdom park – Meitoku temple – Hondo city

Amakusa West Coast course (6h)

Kumamoto City – Five Bridges of Amakusa – Senganzan outlook – Oe-Sakitsu Catholic Church
– Gosokunokutsu – Jyusanbutu coast, Shimoda hot spring(stay)


North Kumamoto course

Ishibashi-Seiwa Bunraku Tour (4h)

Kumamoto City – Reidai Bridge (Tomochi) – Tsuujyun bridge (Yabe) – Seiwa Bunraku Hall
-Naidaijin Bridge – Kumamoto city

Yamaga lanterns, Yachiyoza-old tomb Tour (4h)

Kumamoto City – Yachiyoza,Folk Crafts Museum (Yamaga) – decorative tumulus Museum
– Chibusan,Eta Funayama old tomb – Kumamoto city


Other courses

Kumamoto – Nagasaki Unzen course (6h)

Kumamoto City – Kumamoto Port (1 hour boat) – Shimabara (Jo Shimabara, samurai residence, but still be
dome) – Nita Pass – Unzen hot spring


※ With regard to price other than the Kumamoto Citysuburbs course, please Farel free to contact us by phone!

All cars GPS dispatch system installed


We are in a day, seven days a week 24 hours a day, we have accepted the request of taxi from customers.
Customers will elect the nearest taxi to the location of the wait by making full use of the GPS system, we will dispatch quickly.

Pat crime prevention measures in the vehicle-mounted camera introduction!


We are, set up a drive recorder to all vehicles, we always record the interior and exterior of the video. This video is another recording of any chance of accidents and trouble upon the occurrence of the situation, also in crew training for the prevention of accidents we use. It should be noted, recorded video is strictly managed in accordance with the internal regulations, we have securely deleted after a certain period of time.

With confidence to the elderly available


We are as a part of the service improvement, we do extensive crew training. Education and of customer service that led to the professional instructors from the outside, etc. on a regular basis to implement the education of accident prevention, which led to the car crash experts of the insurance company, the efforts to provide a safe and secure service to our customers we do every day.

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